Ebooks and thought leadership

We’ve created ebooks and guides for everything from cyber security and IoT through to precision manufacturing and keeping workers safe. Here are just a few examples.

Acquia: digital fitness guide

A guide to the maturity index we created for Acquia as part of a wider campaign.

ACSN: the Domino Firewall ebook

A guide to protecting businesses against security risks associated with firewall mis-configuration.

Barclaycard: rethinking fleet fuel

An ebook to promote Barclaycard’s fleet fuel solution and differentiate it against its competitors.

Yale: making the move to electronic access

A guide for operators of multi-family properties looking to make the move to an electronic access solution.

Orgvue: the hybrid working blueprint

An ebook for Orgvue on how large enterprises can successfully implement hybrid working.

Intelex: creating and sustaining a safety culture

A responsive ebook with embedded video for Intelex exploring key issues in health and safety today.