The way we see it, if you think we’re a good fit for your needs, you’ll get in touch for a simple, human conversation. As a result, this may be the simplest privacy policy you’ll ever read.

So how do we use your data at Considered?

If you’re not yet a client…

We do not collect personal data for any visitor to our website. No cookies will be set on your machine to identify you as an individual and you will not be tracked in any way. (It’s why you didn’t see one of those annoying consent notices when you came to the site.)

We do use a site-acceleration technology called Nitropack to make the site as fast and responsive as it can be, but this does not allow us to see who visits. And we use Calendly for you to book a call with us directly – they have their own cookies. Our videos are embedded from Vimeo, they also have their own cookies.

As a rule, wherever we can, we turn off third-party cookies.

But what about analytics?

Like most businesses, we use analytics to assess how our site is performing across a variety of metrics. However, we use Fathom Analytics for this purpose. Fathom gives us all the information we require with no need to identify individuals. It’s pretty cool.

But what about prospecting?

We do occasionally reach out to people we think we could be a good fit for via LinkedIn (using InMails or their email addresses if we’re connected to them). Likewise, we do sometimes run advertising on LinkedIn and across other media.

But what about gated content?

We do not gate our content behind forms. It is possible you may need to enter details for something such as a webinar as this is normally required by the webinar system.

The one exception is if you use the B2B Effectiveness Scorecard — the system we use captures your answers (so we can score them) and we need to collect your email address to send you the more detailed results report.

However, the same rules apply — we will not use those details for anything more than delivering what you need, sending you a follow-up link to a recording if it’s a webinar and dropping you a ‘do you have everything you need/any questions?’ email after you take the scorecard. 

But what about if I want to talk to you?

If you want a conversation with us to determine whether it’d be good to work together, we’ll keep the basic information we’ll need to carry out that conversation. This is generally limited to your name, company name, email address and phone number. Any other information you pass to us will be kept strictly confidential (and we’re always happy to sign an NDA).

We will never sell or give your data to any third party. We’ll generally retain your details for as long as we keep email records of our interactions with you (we don’t typically delete emails).

If you email us through the site, this is a basic mailto function which does not add you to any kind of CRM/database. If you use the Calendly link, your details go into their system to manage the call booking.

If you want to know if we have your personal details, what details we hold and/or want them deleted, simply email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

If you are a client…

For clients, we only hold personal data so that we can conduct day-to-day business with you. This could be for anything from email and phone conversations to billing requirements, NDAs and contracts. 

We will store your details in our accountancy system (we use Xero) and project management system (we use Basecamp) as well as in emails (we use Google). As these services typically use infrastructure based in North America, this does mean that the limited data we hold about you may be transferred and stored outside the UK and EU.

We may occasionally share your data with third-party partners we work with to deliver services to you (eg video production teams, web development partners etc). But we will only do so if they or you need direct contact with each other. The most likely way this will happen is if you or they are CC’d on emails or have access to shared folders to enable us all to collaborate effectively.

We do not handle client databases. Ever. At no time will we ask you to send us any of your customer data. Should this be necessary for your own marketing activity (eg if you run a direct outbound campaign that requires it), we will have you send data directly to the fulfilment provider. 

Your data rights…

You have a number of rights about how your data is used (by us or any other business). These include:

We fully support you in all of these rights.

Contacting us…

If you have any questions about how we use personal data, we’ll be happy to answer them. Simply email us at

If you want to contact us by post, our registered address is Considered Content Ltd, Harlequin House, School Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3RN, UK.