Why is so much content so forgettable?

Today, B2B marketers must produce content that clearly stands out from the crowd (when the crowd is getting bigger and noisier by the day).

All too often they are let down by their assumptions of what today’s buyers want.

Or they cannot get the quality of writing they need to tell their stories effectively. 

Or they find that everything simply takes far too long.

We’re here to change all of that.

B2B content your customers will love

We’ve built a business combining the ability to create high-quality, compelling B2B content (no matter how technical the subject) with the processes to get it out the door, on time, on budget and at the scale required.

We take a fundamentally customer-first approach to B2B content creation.

Too much B2B content marketing is too focused on what companies wished their customers cared about, not what they actually care about. This leads to self-serving content that spectacularly fails to move the dial.

Wasted time. Disappointing results. Lost budget.

Understanding your objectives and your customers’ needs

Before creating any content marketing assets, we spend time to understand not only your business but your customers’ businesses too. We get under the skin of who they are, what they care about and what they need help to achieve.

We then use these insights to develop a wide range of content ideas to discuss with you – what’s right, what’s wrong, where you should invest your time and money.

The result is that we can create B2B content that both works for your marketing objectives and that customers find truly useful, valuable and interesting.

Making your B2B content work harder for longer

Of course, your content needs to get in front of the right people if it’s to deliver on its promise. So we underpin the material we create with promotional support you can deploy across social media platforms, specialist media and other digital marketing channels.

We’ll support you with a content marketing strategy that maps to the different stages in the B2B buying cycle.

A strategy that will help move your customers and prospects from ignorance and apathy through to interest and action.

We’ll arm your salespeople and channel partners with the kind of material that opens doors and unlocks opportunities.

And we’ll make your budget work harder and go further than ever before.

The right B2B content to meet your marketing objectives

Using our in-house skills and extensive partner network, we can produce almost any type of B2B content including, but in no way limited to:

B2B ebooks and thought leadership
B2B video marketing
Websites, content hubs and microsites
White papers and reports
B2B brochures, sales enablement and tools
B2B infographics

What’s more, we can structure your content into activity streams that move customers and prospects through the sales cycle faster, removing friction and accelerating action.


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