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In today’s markets, the simple reality is that the best marketing strategy in the world will underperform if a brand isn’t noticed or remembered. In any category, buyers will typically be able to easily recall 3 to 5 brands (who will attract the majority of potential business in play). 

So it is critical that your brand stands out if you are to achieve your full potential.

Companies that combine brand development and lead generation typically convert at 6x those that simply focus on lead generation. Strong brands can also command higher prices and defend against price erosion. And when it comes to retaining existing customers, loyalty has been shown to be directly related to market share. 

Simply, the largest brands have the lowest defection rates – in every market studied.

And yet research from LinkedIn shows that half of brands today are regularly mistaken for a competitor. That’s just crazy. It means that B2B brands the world over are paying to support the success of their more distinctive competitors.

We help create remarkable B2B brands

Considered works with B2B companies large and small, from niche players to global brands, helping them develop distinctive customer-focused market positions. Ones that enable them to compete more effectively in less crowded spaces, giving them a tangible competitive advantage in their sectors.

Our brand strategy and brand development services cover everything from core positioning, messaging and brand architecture through to visual identity, product positioning and tone of voice development.

Whatever level we engage at, our focus is on building market awareness for our clients and enabling them to be the ones customers and prospects think of when looking for help.

Our B2B strategy and planning services

Branding and strategy can sometimes be seen as a slightly fluffy, overly complex activity. Once you’ve sat in a few workshops, looked at a bunch of pyramids, some messaging onions and determined your brand’s spirit animal, you’d be forgiven for questioning the entire process.

It’s why we take a more practical, pragmatic approach. 

Having run numerous branding projects over the last 20+ years, we’ve distilled the entire process down to its core essentials. As a result, our approach is heavy on deliverables and light on endless PowerPoint. 

We think you’ll prefer it that way.

We split our B2B strategy services into five main engagements:

01: Fast-track positioning

This stand-alone service accelerates the process of getting to a distinctive position in the market. It explores 15 fundamental questions ranging across elements such as market definition, competitor strategy and core value proposition to offer a range of potential areas for creating a differentiated positioning. It then goes deeper to show the effects of pursuing individual routes with tangible examples of what it would mean to choose one approach over another.

02: Brand strategy development

Sometimes you need to take a step back and explore your brand strategy at a more fundamental level. This may be because something has changed in the business or because the market has shifted or because new entrants are eroding your market share. We’ve worked with clients to make sense of fragmented brand architectures, relook at their core mission, vision and values, and gain clarity over how they will compete and win in their markets.

03: Brand identity development

A strong brand identity is more than simply a logo and colour palette. We work with clients to build out full brand identity systems that enable them to present a consistent, distinctive face to the world through every touchpoint in their marketing communications.

04: Tone of voice development

How you deliver your positioning to customers and prospective buyers is a key area for making your brand more memorable. It can help bring you closer to your audiences and give your communications greater cut-through. As such, your tone of voice should be a core part of brand building success. We work with clients to create distinctive, easy-to-implement frameworks that enable their people and partners to communicate in a consistently memorable way.

05: B2B content marketing strategy and communication planning 

Got a distinctive position in the market? Check. Got a clear strategic focus? Check. Now you need to get your message in front of the people that matter. Our B2B Marketing Planning Service, uses insights from the world’s largest database of B2B effectiveness to equip you with an integrated plan of activity. It’ll look at the options available to you within your objectives, budget and timescale. And it’ll clearly show how you can build your brand and generate demand out in the real world, where it really matters.

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