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Great technical writing creates clarity, helping buyers at all levels of sophistication get to grips with complex subjects such as advanced software, specialist engineering and unique production processes. It delivers significant value and adds to the customer experience.

The ability to explain advanced concepts in real-world terms is critical to effective technical writing. We take perplexing technical ideas and turn them into buyer-friendly content. Importantly, this isn’t about dumbing down. It’s about explaining complexity in a way that customers can understand and apply to their own context and challenges.

What is technical writing anyway?

Technical writing encompasses all documentation of complex technical processes. It can include in-depth reports, how-to guides, explainer content, comparison material – in fact, any time technical information is conveyed, it is, by definition, technical writing.

Traditionally, technical writing has been bound up with never-ending whitepapers and impenetrable user guides – the kind of content that only the author really understands (and only a handful of people are prepared to spend time slogging through).

Today, the job of the technical writer has changed.

Focusing on the reader

No one has time to waste working out what you are trying to tell them. Customers expect to be able to understand what you do and, more importantly, what it will do for them, fast. If not, they’ll simply go elsewhere.

In B2B marketing, educational content is some of the most valuable material you’ll ever produce. Customers look to it to help them make progress on the things that really matter to them and their businesses. Prospects will often use it to get a better idea of what it will be like to be a customer – will you be easy to work with and focused on their needs or stuck inside your own systems and indecipherable jargon?

Today’s buyers also expect technical information to be presented in well-designed, easy-to-navigate formats. They want to be able to scan documentation to quickly get the details they need. They want to see user-friendly diagrams and schematics that make sense of complex processes. Increasingly, they want greater interactivity that enables them to easily navigate content, assess their individual needs and get tailored advice on their specific challenges.

Our approach to technical communication

Put simply, there is virtually no level of technical complexity that we find scary, offputting or dull. Our technical writers have written about everything from model-based AI and public key infrastructure to the intricacies of metal injection moulding and multi-camera streaming video production.

In truth, we love this stuff.

We are used to interviewing technical experts to get under the skin of how things work and what makes them unique. Because we have a foot in both the technical and customer camps, we can translate features into benefits and benefits into a compelling reason to buy, implement and continue to use any specific product.

A full range of technical writing services

We are comfortable producing a wide range of technical content types and formats including:

Why use Considered for your technical content?

Today, technical writing is a critical part of effective B2B marketing. So it pays to do it right. By working with Considered, you’ll get:

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