Getting to the heart of what really works in B2B

The B2B Effectiveness Engine is the result of in-depth research into what separates top-performing B2B marketers from everyone else.

It’s designed to be an antidote to all the «X is dead, now do Y» hype peddled by an ever-increasing number of influencers and marketing bros on social media.

All too often, this hype is driven by an agenda that simply doesn’t match what today’s marketers need to achieve.

The questions that matter

We engaged over 1,000 senior B2B marketers across the technology, professional services and manufacturing/industrial sectors. We questioned them on exactly how they’re doing marketing today and whether what they’re doing is delivering against their objectives.

Amongst other things, we asked:

We then looked at what the most successful B2B marketers are doing that the rest are not.


Using data to drive success

The result is an unparalleled knowledgebank that helps us advise our clients on what works and what doesn’t in modern B2B marketing.

This can mean helping them put the foundations in place that will have a force multiplier effect on everything that comes after.

It can mean being able to construct the optimum mix of tactics to deliver against their objectives given their budget, sector and average deal size.

Or it can simply mean analysing whether an individual tactic they’re thinking of investing in is likely to be the best use of their money.

Ultimately, it means we can eliminate the guesswork from effective B2B marketing.


See how you rank with our free B2B Effectiveness Scorecard

Want an overview of how your current efforts compare to the database’s top performers?

No problem. Simply take our free B2B Effectiveness Scorecard.

This will take you through a subset of the questions we asked and score your approach against the best in your sector. You’ll get an instant overview and we’ll email you a link to your results.

To get started, simply choose the sector that most closely matches yours from the links below:

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Want to know more? Let’s talk

If you’d like to know how the B2B Effectiveness Engine could help you eliminate the guesswork from delivering successful B2B marketing, we’d love to talk.

We promise not to hard sell or PowerPoint you to death. Explaining the database in more depth typically takes around 20 minutes and we’ll leave time for you to ask lots of questions.

To get in touch, simply email Sarah Platts at or call her direct on +44 (0)777 589 4803.

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