Developing effective B2B marketing campaigns today is tough

You’ve got an objective. You’ve got a budget (sort of). You know who you need to influence.

Now what?

There are no shortage of options:

The list goes on and on.


The million-dollar question:
Which approach is likely to work?

Well, you could rely on your own data about what’s worked in the past.

That’s a good start but it can’t tell you whether your results were good, bad or indifferent versus others in the market.

You could research what others are saying in the marketing press and on the likes of LinkedIn.

But there are a lot of ‘influencers’ with strong opinions (and a course to sell) but little real-world experience. Not to mention the martech vendors — ‘Do ABM!’ says the ABM software business.

Or you could let us show you what stands the best chance of working based on the B2B Effectiveness Engine, the world’s largest database of B2B marketing effectiveness.


B2B campaigns based on real-world effectiveness

It’s clear in the data that what works in one sector for one objective for one deal size will significantly underperform for another. No one size ever fits all.

When it comes down to it, tactical choices matter. A lot.

Using the B2B Effectiveness Engine data, we can look at what you’re trying to achieve and match it to what’s working for the highest-performing marketers in your sector.

We can then look at your available budget and timeframe to determine the best combination of tactics open to you.

The result is a campaign based on real-world effectiveness, not the opinions of someone building their personal brand on LinkedIn.

Ultimately, it means you can move forward confident you’re making the best choices available for your brand and objectives.


Want to eliminate the guesswork from creating effective B2B campaigns? We should talk.

No death by PowerPoint. No hard sell. It typically takes us around 15 minutes to give you a more in-depth view of the B2B Effectiveness Engine and what it can do for you. After that, we find it’s generally more useful to allow you to ask about the specific areas that matter most to you.

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