If you get just one thing right, make this it

A distinctive brand is a shortcut to a buying decision.

It reduces the need for customers to search out solutions. It removes friction from complex B2B sales. And it makes everything else you do work harder.

It’s why in the B2B Effectiveness Engine data, differentiated brands are twice as likely to be in the top-performing groups for lead generation, demand generation and brand building.

With a distinctive brand positioning:

Of course, establishing a distinctive, differentiated positioning is hard.

That’s where Fast-track Positioning comes in.

Discover your point of difference.
Do it fast.

Fast-track Positioning is an accelerated programme that puts you in the best position to tell a compelling story to your target prospects and customers.

It helps define:

Importantly, it is solidly focused on the customer and what matters to them (not what we wished mattered to them).

Fewer onions and spirit animals, more real-world value

We’ve all been there. The dreaded workshop where you have to decide whether your brand is an antelope or a seagull. Sheesh.

Fast-track Positioning is designed to deliver value fast. We’re not interested in fluff and games, just the elements that will help you stand out to customers and win against competitors.

It’s centred around 15 fundamental questions about your brand including:

And that’s just the start.

The entire programme typically takes around six weeks to complete.

More options, less black boxes

In Fast-track Positioning, we show our working.

You’ll see meaningful options for the core elements that make up a strong brand and receive advice about the implications of different choices.

You’ll see the long lists and short lists.

We’ll explore the options we believe deliver the greatest opportunities but you’re always free to have us evaluate and explore alternatives.

And we’ll never try to PowerPoint you into accepting an approach that simply doesn’t work for your business.

Let’s talk

If you want to resonate with customers and stand out in your market, we should talk.

There’ll be no hard-sell, no endless presentations, just a grown-up conversation about
what you’re trying to achieve and whether we might be a good fit.

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