It’s tough being a marketer in manufacturing and industrials

Buyers are sceptical by nature. They want substance. And they have an inherent dislike of being marketed to.

Your products and processes are complex. They resist being explained in short-form, quick-hit communications. Yet customers are just as time-poor as the rest of us.

Your sales cycles are long. Buyers are risk averse and changing suppliers is often seen as a big risk. You have to balance the drive for change with the reassurance of continuity.

We understand. We help our clients overcome these challenges every single day.

Zero in on what really works in industrial and manufacturing marketing today

From LinkedIn hot takes to insta-experts who’ve never run a marketing campaign to martech vendors with an eye on your hard-fought budget — too much marketing advice isn’t worth the pixels it takes up on your screen.

We’re different.

We know what works because we’ve built the world’s largest database of real-world marketing effectiveness: the B2B Effectiveness Engine.

With in-depth research into what delivers results for over 1,000 senior B2B marketers, we can help you determine the optimum approach for your marketing. Put simply, we can tell you what top-performing manufacturing and industrial marketers do that average performers do not.

Tell us your objectives, deal size and budget and we’ll tell you the most effective mix of tactics you should use across lead generation, demand generation and brand building. We’ll then build your campaign, giving you the assets you need to succeed.

No more guesswork.

Deliver world-class content your customers will love

Great content drives impressive results:

The reality is: Content matters. A lot.

But today, there is a mass of poorly executed, so-so content clogging up the internet.

Let us help you stand out and delight your customers. We’ve created everything from explainer videos on metal injection moulding and guides to cancelling unwanted motion in springs to die cast design manuals and ebooks on effective supply chain management. (You can check out some examples here.)

There is no level of technical complexity that scares us. Truth is: we love it.


Differentiate your brand in today’s noisy markets

Creating a powerfully differentiated brand is a force-multiplier for everything else you do with your marketing:

But creating a differentiated position is hard. It can often appear that all the best positions are already taken leaving you to fight it out in contested territories where the biggest budget generally wins.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let us show you how our Fast-track Positioning programme can help you build and sustain a differentiated brand in your market. High on value and low on fluff, this accelerated approach will get you where you need to be, fast.


We should talk

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