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We’re committed to helping today’s B2B marketers learn more so they can achieve more. As such, we publish regular content on a wide range of key topics in B2B today.

We’ve got deep dives into areas such as strategy and effectiveness. We’ve invested in primary research into how B2B customers make purchases and work with senior management. And we’ve created tools enabling you to benchmark your performance and learn on your own terms.

It’s all here, free and ungated.

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We’ve published over 100,000 words of content on B2B marketing. How to do it. How not to. What matters. What really doesn’t.

Check out our Content Hub for articles and deep-dives across key challenges around strategy, effectiveness, demand generation and content, among many others.

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Learn B2B maketing with B2B GPT

Generative AI offers powerful new ways to engage with a wide range of content.

Our B2B GPT tool allows you to learn what you need to know using natural language. It’s been trained on our content (both on our site and across articles we write for the likes of MarketingProfs and CMSWire) together with publicly available research and a core expert briefing we created specifically to underpin the tool.

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Benchmark your B2B marketing performance

We’ve created the world’s largest database of B2B marketing performance — the B2B Effectiveness Engine.

It means we can advise clients on what the highest performing companies do that average performers don’t.

We can analyse upstream elements such as strategy, measurement and differentiation. We can also identify specific standout tactics across lead generation, demand generation and brand building. And we can bring it all together to deliver a blueprint for success.

The data powers our B2B Campaign Development and B2B Effectiveness Audit services.

We also enable you to compare your own performance using our B2B Effectiveness Scorecard.

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