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Got a burning question about B2B marketing? Want to pick our brains without picking up the phone? Simply ask B2B GPT.


About B2B GPT

B2B GPT is an experiment in delivering content in new ways. AI is set to change how B2B marketers work on multiple fronts and we want to be able to use its power to help clients find fresh opportunities to engage their customers. We always test new approaches on ourselves first. So this is an opportunity for us to explore new tools and approaches.

We write a lot about B2B marketing. From our own research (such as the B2B Effectiveness Engine) and obsessive consumption of public third-party data to articles we write for the likes of MarketingProfs and CMSWire, we’ve access to a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t in B2B marketing.

Now, the latest generative AI tools enable us to make this more accessible than ever before.

Please note: B2B GPT is very much in beta. We’re likely to tweak and evolve it over time.

Check it out. Ask whatever you like. And see what you think of the results.

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